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No more coins to lug around when doing your laundry.  Express 1 Laundromat offers laundry washing cards to improve our service and make your washing experience an unforgettable one.  While -U-wait enjoy new flat screen tv’s, comfortable chairs and FREE internet access.

Free Pick-Up & Delivery Service
We invite you to take advantage of our laundry pick-up & delivery service. Just schedule a pick-up in the morning and get it back next day.

Express 1 Laundromat Manhattan

Express 1 Manhattan

Express 1 laundromat L.I.C.

Express 1 Long Island City

Express 1 Laundromat frequent washer club

Frequent Washers Club
Use your washing cards constantly and enjoy special promotions (coupons, raffles, discounts, etc.)

There is also ample room for folding!!!

Because We Care For Your Safety, EXPRESS 1 LAUNDROMAT is more secure with our video monitoring